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97 – Can You Cancel a Consumer Proposal?

A Consumer Proposal is based on your financial circumstances at the time of filing. But what happens if your circumstances change or you simply change your mind? Can you cancel or withdraw? Matthew Fader, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee at Allan Marshall & Associates discusses why a Consumer Proposal is a good alternative to Bankruptcy.


61 – Rent or Buy a Home: Which Is Right For You?

With the real estate market slowing down and interest rates rising, many are wondering if this may be a good time to buy a home or is it more economical to keep renting. Francyne Myers, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates, discusses the merits of both renting and buying. She speaks to the changes brought about by the pandemic in the last few years.


43 – Money Conversation: How to Talk About Money With Your Partner

How to talk about money with your partner? Discussing finances early on in your relationship is one of the best ways to make sure you both can get on the same page. Francyne Myers, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates speaks to the importance of having these difficult money conversations with your partner. She advocates for the ‘sooner rather than later’ approach that could save relationship problems down the road.


39 – How Technology Helps You Save Money

How can technology help you save money? Mary-Ann Marriot, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates explores ways of using technology to save money and selling items. She offers advice on points cards and how to stack points, budgeting and tracking expenses with MINT.


38 – Money Beliefs Keeping You in Debt

What beliefs do you have about money? Are your money beliefs holding you back? In today’s podcast, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Mary-Ann Mariot of Allan Marshall & Associates takes a deep dive into money beliefs, where do these beliefs come from and how can we shift them.


37 – Financial Habits to Develop and Avoid

How do you break bad financial habits? Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Rob Johnson from Allan Marshall & Associates talks about financial habits – the good and the bad. What are some of the basic financial habits that we all should have and what are the ones to be careful to avoid.


36 – Interest Rate vs. APR: What’s the Difference?

Do you know how much the loan you just signed will end up costing you? Have you calculated the true financing costs? Most people see only the interest rate calculations. Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Rob Johnson of Allan Marshall & Associates discusses brokerage fees, loan fees and the hidden costs in financing agreements with lenders.


30 – Teaching Kids to Save Money

This podcast is all about teaching your children money management skills. It’s not a subject many of us are comfortable with. Mark Marshall, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates helps us recognize teachable moments to build in money lessons appropriate for their age.


29 – Student Loan Debt Crisis

What happens when you are unable to repay your student loans? Mark Marshall, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates, talks about all aspects of student loans.