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121 – Is There Life After Bankruptcy Discharge?

Are you wondering what happens after Bankruptcy discharge and what will happen to your credit rating? Are there steps can you take to improve your financial literacy and what money saving tips you can incorporate into your budget? Find out what life will be like after you receive your Bankruptcy discharge.

118 – How to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

Financial fraud is on the rise in Canada. AI is making it easier to commit credit card fraud and for identity theft. Find out how to protect yourself from financial fraud and what to do if you have fallen victim. Reporting the crime to the Canadian Anti Fraud Center is important.

114 – Life After Bankruptcy

Is there life after Bankruptcy? How do I file and do I need a Bankruptcy Lawyer or a Bankruptcy Trustee? The Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act governs the process. Find out what happens when you declare Bankruptcy and what your life will look like after you have been discharged.

113 – How to Spot Bad Financial Advice

Are you confused as to where to turn for financial advice to help you get out of debt? Not everyone who calls themselves a debt counsellor or consultant is licensed and regulated. Find out why your first point of contact for debt relief should be with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.