high inflation

66 – How Soaring Inflation Can Affect Your Budget

How are we Canadians coping with rising interest rates and inflation? What advice could help us through these precarious times? Derek Chase, Licensed Insolvency Trustee tackles these questions and shares his thoughts on adjusting our spending habits and budgets.

exchange-traded funds

65 – Should You Invest in ETFs With Little Money

Why would Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Derek Chase be talking about ETFs? For the most part, because that is what is discussed in one of the mandatory counselling sessions after completing a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal.

debt consultant

64 – Best Debt Consultant: Find the Right One for You

Where can you turn for the best debt relief solution? This podcast will shed some light on the murky waters of debt counselling. Leigh Taylor, Licensed Insolvency Trustee, takes a look at the different services explaining what they can and can’t do.

canada household debt

63 – Canada’s Economy and Household Debt: How Much Is Too Much Debt?

How well are you managing your debt? How much is too much? Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Leigh Taylor, discusses household debt. He talks about debt-to-income ratios and the danger signals that you should watch for.

car loans

62 – Car Loans – Can You Afford to Finance a Vehicle?

Is it better to lease or finance a new car? What is happening in the used car market? Things have changed in the new and used car market since the pandemic. There is apparently a microchip shortage that is impacting manufacturers across the globe. But what does that mean to you? Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Francyne Myers takes a look under the hood.

rent or buy a home

61 – Rent or Buy a Home: Which Is Right For You?

With the real estate market slowing down and interest rates rising, many are wondering if this may be a good time to buy a home or is it more economical to keep renting. Francyne Myers, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with Allan Marshall & Associates, discusses the merits of both renting and buying. She speaks to the changes brought about by the pandemic in the last few years.

what is receivership

60 – Understanding Receivership vs Bankruptcy

What is Receivership? Like Bankruptcy, Receivership occurs when a business has secured debt that they are unable to pay. But unlike a Bankruptcy, it is usually a creditor that calls in a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to act as a Receiver. Daniel Maksymchak, Licensed Insolvency Trustee with LCTaylor explains what the term Receivership means. He clarifies the difference between Bankruptcy and Receivership.

debt counselling

59 – What Kind of Debt Counselling Does a Licensed Insolvency Trustee Offer?

When is debt counselling offered? Licensed Insolvency Trustee Daniel Maksymchak talks about the different aspects of debt counselling. He shares his experiences working with people who have benefited from the guidance of a professional.

credit worthiness

58 – The Three Elements of Credit Worthiness – It’s Not All About Your Credit Score

How credit worthy are you? Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Mary-Ann Marriot explains the difference between credit worthiness and what your credit score is. She talks about the 3 elements that can ensure the best score.

bankruptcy discharge

57 – What to Do After Bankruptcy Discharge

What actually happens after you have been discharged from your Bankruptcy? Is there a possibility of getting credit? How do you reestablish your credit score – if in fact you are able to obtain credit. Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Mary-Ann Marriot answers some of these questions and she discusses the different types of Bankruptcy discharges, prepaid credit cards versus secured credit cards, steps to rebuild your credit, and how long Bankruptcy lasts.