debt matters financial podcast launching

Debt can happen to anyone. And it can happen for any number of reasons. These are precarious times we are living in but debt doesn’t have to be a life sentence. We are here to help.

Debt Matters Podcast is a forum dedicated to discussing consumer and household debt and strategies and ways of dealing with uncontrolled or problematic debt.

Each podcast will feature experts who are committed to delivering quality debt help that you can understand and trust. Our guests are Licensed Insolvency Trustees from across Canada.

Regulated and licensed by the federal government, they are the only debt professionals that can provide a full range of services, from credit counselling to Bankruptcy.

This podcast is created with you in mind. We give you straight talk, options oriented, and non-judgemental advice. We’re here to help you find a clear path forward.

We are launching our first episode soon. Stay tuned for updates!