collection notice

146 – How to Respond to Collection Notices and Protect Your Credit

Have you received a collection notice from a collection agency and are seeking advice? Should you consult a lawyer to deal with the collection calls? Find out your options and what your first step should be. Minimize the effect on your credit report and learn what collection companies can and cannot do.

bankruptcy in canada

145 – How Bankruptcy Works for Individuals vs. Businesses in Canada

Business Bankruptcy in Canada works differently from an individual Bankruptcy. The financial fallout from a business failure can leave sole proprietor business owners in a rough financial position. Find out the first steps you need to take and what is involved in shutting down a business in Bankruptcy.

student loan debt

144 – Bankruptcy and Student Loan Debt

Are you hoping to include your student loan debt in your Bankruptcy filing? What is the difference between the seven-year rule and five-year rule? Will showing good faith and hardship influence the court and help you get a Bankruptcy discharge? These questions and more are answered in this podcast.

switch bankruptcy to consumer proposal

143 – Can You Switch Between Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposal

Can you switch your Bankruptcy to a Consumer Proposal or can you have an annulment of your Consumer Proposal and file a Bankruptcy instead? What are the advantages and disadvantages? When would it make sense to make the switch? These questions and more are answered in this informative, timely podcast.

paycheque trap

142 – Escape the Paycheque Trap

Are you caught in the paycheque trap? Are you one of the 47% of Canadians that are living paycheque to paycheque? Is it possible to escape the perpetual cycle? Here is some straightforward financial advice that offers debt management solutions. Better financial planning starts with better budgeting.

cost of living

141 – Cost of Living: Why Does It Matter?

The rising cost of living is putting pressure on most Canadian’s finances. Household budgets are getting squeezed as inflation numbers steadily increase. Find out more about how the Consumer Price Index measures the cost of living. This podcast also discusses what you can do to protect your finances.

consumer proposal vs bankruptcy

140 – Consumer Proposal vs. Bankruptcy: Making the Right Decision for Your Financial Future

Struggling with unmanageable debt and wondering which debt relief option you should be considering – filing a Consumer Proposal vs Bankruptcy. Which one provides the best chance of asset retention and has the least effect on your credit rating? Listen to this financial advice before making a decision.

what happens when you file for bankruptcy

139 – Facing Bankruptcy: What to Do Before, During and After You File

Most Canadians don’t know what happens when you file for Bankruptcy. How will it affect your credit and can you ever use credit cards again? This podcast explains how Bankruptcy works and what you need to do before, during and after you have filed. Hear this information from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

marriage and finances

138 – Marriage and Finances: Till Debt Do Us Part?

Are you feeling the effects of unmanageable debt on your relationship? Is the strain starting to cause marriage problems? Get practical advice before your credit rating plummets and Bankruptcy becomes your only option. This podcast talks about marriage and finances.

bankruptcy questions

137 – What Causes Bankruptcy and What Are Its Consequences

Many of us have Bankruptcy questions and wonder what might be the major cause of becoming insolvent. Are there societal factors or does it have to do more with personal factors? How do you go about filing for Bankruptcy and what are the consequences? Find out the answers here.